Null Space

Do you know what its like to stand amongst people, staring at them as they go about their daily lives. Friends joking and laughing, couples holding hands. Inpacting on each others lives. Changing and shapping their future every second. The couple, if one didnt turn up it would efffect the whole night. The friends, if one didnt turn up the friends would miss them. Do you know how it feels to wonder if people see you the same way. Would they miss you if you were not there? Would their whole night change because you didn’t go? Do you have any impact on the people around you and their lives? 

Its a thought that always crosses my mind. If i wasn’t their would anything change, do i add anything to their lives. Or am i just a space filler. Am i just tolerated becsuse its the nice thing to do or because were related and you feel a sense of obligation. Do i matter.


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